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Do you regularly book online for your travel needs? Do you or your company currently have a website?

Accom America can provide you with a customized solution of selected travel content, links and search boxes suited to your individual or corporate needs, packaged to complement your own corporate website design.

Customize with a selection of search boxes and links for Flight Reservations, Hotel & Accommodation Deals, Last Minute Deals, Tours & Activities, Car Hire, Cruises and more. Your page will be hosted with a unique URL on Accom America, and can incorporate your own unique design so that you can seamlessly integrate your travel content pages with your own website design.

Search Boxes

- Flights
- Accommodation
- Last Minute Accommodation
- Hostel / Budget Accommodation
- Cruises
- Vacations
- Car Hire Deals


- Flight & Fare Finder
- Last Minute Flight / Hotel Deals
- Top Flight Deals
- Departure / Arrival Flight Information


- Accommodation Search
- Hostel / Budget Accommodation Search
- Links by Destination
- Links by individual Property
- Last Minute Accommodation Search
- Hot Accommodation Deals

Tours & Activities

- Tour & Activity Search
- Budget & Adventure Tour Search
- Links by Destination
- Links by Activity Type


- Cruise Finder
- Links by Cruise Destination
- Links by Cruise Company
- Top Cruise Deals
- First Time Cruising

Overseas Travel

- Flight & Fare Finder
- Accommodation Search
- Budget Accommodation Search
- Accommodation Links by Destination
- Tour Search
- Tour Links by Destination
- European Rail Passes
- London Attraction Pass
- Car Hire Search
- Adventure Gifts & Activities in Australia / NZ

Other Options

- Travel Insurance
- Currency Conversion
- Car Hire Deals
- Links for Customizable Destination Guides

- How It Works -

- Accom America will create your own individual travel "mini" site, with the option to customize it to the look and feel of your own website

- Simple URL access - custom.accomamerica.com/businessname

- Option to password protect your site directory for security, allowing access to authorised individuals only

- Mix and match site content, links and search boxes to suit your own individual & corporate requirements

- Customization Ideas -

- Build a list of preferred accommodation to be used by staff on business trips.

- Control who can access the site to make reservations via password protection

- Combine flight, accomomdation and other content to offer a "complete solution", tailored to the needs of your corporate users

- Conferencing? Create a themed site dedicated to your conference destination with links for flights and accommodation, with options tours & activities. Promote the unique URL to your delegates as a part of your conference literature.

And best of all, it's FREE! Contact Accom America today for more information on how we can assist you with a customized solution for your private, business or conferencing travel needs.
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